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John Zimmermann FAQ's

Your bridal gown is perhaps the most important gown you will every wear. It's important you take the time to research your options and choose a designer you can trust. We realise you'll have lots of questions before making your selection, and so we have compiled the list below. Please contact us if you have others; we'd love to hear from you.

Tues – Fri: 10:30am – 4:30pm, Sat 10:30 am - 3:00pm. If you require an appointment outside of these hours, please let us know and we will arrange it.

You are welcome to browse our collection at our Auckland studio anytime we are open. However, you do need to book for a consultation with John Zimmermann. We encourage you to book ahead, to ensure your preferred time.

How much is a consultation?

A consultation is $100, which is credited back against the cost of your dress when you engage us. You can read more about our consultation process here.

The earlier you see us, the better. Most dresses typically take around four - six months to design and manufacture, but we may be able to work to tighter timeframes in some circumstances.

Yes we do sell off the rack, but nine times out of 10 we tailor the dress to the preferences and proportions of the bride. Because our dresses are manufactured here, we can tailor the dress to you as it’s constructed; thereby ensuring a perfect fit. Furthermore, we can add to and take away detailing along the way to ensure it’s exactly what you want.

When you go into an ordinary shop, you would just simply choose something that's off the rack and then it would be ordered for you from the manufacturer and altered once it arrives. Therefore, there is only so much you can achieve alterations wise and very little you can change by way of detailing.

Bridal couture opens you up to a world of options you simply don’t have if you buy off the rack. You have the opportunity to create daring effects, intricate details, and stunning fabrics. Creating is the passion behind couture for me. Fabrics and details are the fun part, and no dress is ever the same. Bridal couture ensures you never have to compromise on your dream dress.

No. Once the prices have been set, all is included.

We source our fabrics from all around the world, and we only ever use quality fabrics. For example, all our laces are finely made by hand. They are beautiful quality. They don’t unravel if you scratch them. Quality fabrics will wear so much better than cheap fabrics, and they look better too.

We tend to line all our garments in silk , unlike other manufacturers who tend to use polyester or taffeta (as it’s far cheaper). The nicest thing about lining the gowns in silk is that it's very soft, It sits against your skin gently and being a natural fibre, is a breathable fabric. You don't get that sticky feeling that you have from polyester, so you feel so much more comfortable on your wedding day.

Our dresses start from $3,000 - $5,000. Within this range you’ll have a full couture experience, a dress perfectly proportioned to you, constructed to the highest level with beautiful quality fabrics.

However, most brides will spend between $5,000 - $8,000. Within this price bracket there is a vast array of fabrics to choose from, and you can add more intricate detailing and effects.

You can of course spend much more, as it depends very much on the fabrics you choose e.g. some laces are as much as $2,000 a square meter. We have access to the world's finest fabric houses and so your options are endless.

The real beauty of couture for the bride is that she can really personalise it. You can take something that's standard on the rack and you can change a sleeve, you can change a waist detail, you can make the neck square instead of V, and you can add all sorts details to ensure it’s perfectly suited to you. Because our dresses are manufactured here in our showroom, we can tailor the dress to you as it’s constructed; thereby ensuring a perfect fit. It’s important to me that my brides feel amazing and confident on their wedding day.

My experience over twenty years working in bridal couture, is that most women can fit most styles and will look great in them, it's really just the proportioning to their figure that actually does the trick.

Absolutely. We take into account your size at the time of your wedding, so we can ensure the most flattering look for your stage of pregnancy. We make use of fabrics, detailing and embellishments to achieve the best look for you. You will attend multiple fittings along the way, so we can ensure your dress evolves with you.