Classic wedding dresses
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Classic Wedding Dress Styles

Beautiful bespoke wedding dresses, all with a simple styling and refined lighter detailing.
Everything here is designed to flatter you by the use of tailoring and fine motifs, providing bridal gowns of utmost refinement.
The classic wedding dress is designed to stand the test of time, meaning you'll never cringe when looking back at those wedding portraits.

Tried-and-true wedding dress silhouettes deliver by maintaining a sense of structural harmony that never goes out of style. These bridal gowns typically shy away from anything considered too ornate or trendy, but rest assured, classic does not translate to boring. Rather, it simply means relying on immaculate tailoring, sleek necklines, rich textures, and restrained embellishments.
The finished look is always luxurious in that it commands quite the presence, regardless of the era.

All these classic wedding dress styles are custom made in our bridal shop here in Auckland , and are able to be customized in many ways to suit your own personal style.